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Below are brief descriptions of the fields we cover through highly focused newsletters, books and other print and online materials. Click on the links below for more detailed information.

Customer Service and Satisfaction. Providing specialized products and services for customer service and support professionals at every level within the organization.


Customer Service Week. Providing a full range of support materials for Customer Service Week. Celebrated annually during the first full week in October, Customer Service Week provides a unique opportunity to boost morale, motivation and teamwork in the customer service department and companywide.


Downtown Revitalization. Providing downtown leaders with actionable news and information for successful downtown revitalization and promotion.


Alternative Fuel Vehicles. Providing highly focused news and information on the rapid advances in natural gas, biofuel, battery electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles, including cars, trucks, buses and utility vehicles.


Hybrid, Fuel Cell and Battery-Electric Vehicles. Providing breaking news and in-depth analysis of technology developments and market activity for hybrid, fuel cell and battery-electric vehicles.


Fuel Cells. Providing a wide-range of news, information and analysis on technical and business developments in all types of fuel cells for mobile, portable and stationary applications.


Intelligent Transportation Systems and Services. Providing breaking news and in-depth research on the development, application, funding and regulation of intelligent transportation systems and road transport telematics.


Warehousing and Distribution. Providing highly focused publications to help warehouse and distribution center managers improve the performance of their operations.


Real Estate Agency Management. Providing residential agency broker/owners with actionable news and information on managing their businesses for greater profitability.


Sales Agency Management. Providing independent manufacturers sales representatives with highly focused news and information on cutting costs, increasing sales and boosting profits.


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